Pier 418 Starter Blogpost

January 2020

Eleventy Starter Pier 418

🚀 Eleventy Starter Boilerplate is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. ⚡️ Built with Eleventy, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.

By Pier 418


Production-ready in mind:



Getting started

Clone repo, cd into the directory, then run the following command on your local environment:


Then, you can run locally in development mode with live reload:

yarn dev

Open http://localhost:8080 with your favorite browser to see your blog.

Project structure

├── public             # Static files
│   └── assets
│       └── images     # Images not needed by Webpack
└── src
    ├── _data          # Eleventy data folder
    ├── _includes
    │   └── layouts    # HTML layout files
    ├── assets         # Assets folder that needs to be processed by Webpack
    │   ├── images
    │   │   └── posts  # Images used in your blog posts (will be compressed by Webpack)
    │   └── styles     # Your blog CSS files
    └── posts          # Your blog posts


You can easily configure Eleventy Starter Boilerplate. Please change the following file:

Deploy to production

You can see the results locally in production mode with:

yarn serve

The generated HTML and CSS files are minified. It will also removed unused CSS from Tailwind CSS.

You can create an optimized production build with:

yarn build

Now, your blog is ready to be deployed. All generated files are located at _site folder, which you can deploy with any hosting service.

Deploy to Netlify

Clone this repository on own GitHub account and deploy to Netlify:

Netlify Deploy button